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Press Release: New online configurator facilitates customer consultation

Ascendor is extremely successful as a producer of lift systems. The family-owned company from Niederwaldkirchen/Upper Austria celebrated its most successful year since its founding in 2021 and achieved a new record turnover of over 10 million euros. More than 1,000 lift systems were produced in the previous year, with 100 per cent of production taking place in Austria. Now Ascendor is taking an important digitalisation step to optimally meet the increasing demand for barrier-free solutions: With Ascendor's new product configurator, all planned lift systems can now be displayed as a finished 3D BIM model, an important support for specialised trade partners and architects. In addition, a new ERP system has been implemented, making organisation and order processing significantly more efficient. "The new digitalisation steps are an important measure for the future success of the company; order processing can now be carried out 30 percent faster", emphasises Managing Partner DI Maximilian Priglinger.


Digitalisation is of great importance for further expansion

The Mühlviertel-based company is a leader in the field of retrofittable lift systems and will continue its expansion in the coming years. To achieve this, an expansion of digitalisation is of great importance. A new ERP system has now been installed at Ascendor, allowing internal processes to be made even more efficient. First and foremost, customers benefit from faster order processing. The lifts can now be installed even faster. Ascendor's new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is also used for personnel planning, inventory management, purchase planning and organisation in terms of order management.

"Regardless of whether a customer from South America or Europe requests a lift solution from Ascendor, the new ERP system enables us to react even more quickly to changing market conditions", says Managing Director Erwin Roither, explaining the advantages. The networking of internal processes and production steps enables a better and more efficient use of all resources. Already today, the international Ascendor partners can query the production status of their lift at the push of a button and thus plan the assembly at their customers' to the day, Roither emphasises the importance of the digitalisation offensive.


Digitalisation successfully implemented in lift planning

Ascendor's product configurator is also new: With the online BIM tool, a finished and clear 3D view of the lift system can be created within a few minutes. This clearly shows how the lift will look in the building. For specialised trade partners, this means important support in customer consulting and order processing. Architects and planners additionally benefit from the drawing creation, which can be individually adapted to the plan, as well as the plausibility check. With the BIM model, Ascendor provides standardised data according to international standards. Access to the BIM model from different 3D planning software is language-independent and offers maximum flexibility for planners and architects.


90 employees for the production of lift systems

Ascendor was founded in 2006 and has since developed into one of the leading suppliers of retrofittable lift systems. Production takes place 100 percent at the plant in Niederwaldkirchen, where a total of 90 people are currently employed. The Austrian quality company has become an expert in new construction, but also in the retrofitting of lift systems. In 2021 alone, more than 1,000 projects were realised.


Lift installation enables many people to live independently in their own homes

The demand for lift systems from Ascendor is high. Due to the fortunately high life expectancy in Austria, the number of people who need support in everyday life is also increasing. For many people, a lift means the possibility to lead an independent life in their own home despite physical impairment. "With our innovative lift systems, we can make life much easier for many people", emphasises Maximilian Priglinger.